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World Culture

World Cultures

World Cultures

Ethnic clothing embodies the cultural, historical, and social richness of various peoples and regions around the world. It serves as an expression of identity, narrating traditions, beliefs, and the geographical context of each culture. Materials, designs, and crafting techniques are unique to each area, featuring vibrant colors, complex patterns, and significant embellishments ranging from embroidery to traditional weavings, often symbolizing status, social roles, or specific rituals.

In Peris, we boast an extensive collection encompassing the diverse cultures of the world. From the samurais of Japan and the Mongol warriors, to the rich traditions of Arabia and Persia, and from the ancient civilizations of China to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, our collection spans a wide array of historical and cultural attire.


We have the entire wardrobe from series like “Marco Polo,” “Mulan,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Prince of Persia,” “Aladdin,” “Kingdom of Fire,” “Desert Warriors”…


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