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The hallmark of 1920s attire, flapper dresses, were characterized by their loose fit, dropped waists, and knee-length hemlines, allowing for a range of movement unheard of in women’s fashion before. Embellished with sequins, fringe, and beading, these dresses captured the exuberance of the era.

The geometric patterns and sleek lines of the Art Deco movement were not just limited to architecture and design but were also a staple in the textiles of the time. As a costume designer, integrating these motifs into garments adds an authentic 1920s flair to any wardrobe collection.

“In the 1920s, evening wear transformed with the introduction of luxurious silk and velvet night dresses, featuring intricate beadwork and lower waistlines, perfect for a glamorous soirée or a ritzy prohibition-era speakeasy, capturing the opulent and daring spirit of the Jazz Age.”

Women’s coats in the 1920s featured clean lines and simple shapes, with the cocoon coat becoming a fashion sensation, offering a loose, comfortable fit while exuding elegance.”

In the 1920s, men’s fashion embraced a more relaxed yet dapper look, moving away from the rigid formality of previous decades. The suit remained a staple, with jackets becoming shorter and trousers introducing a more comfortable, slightly wider leg. The widespread adoption of the waistcoat continued, often worn with a single-breasted jacket and a simpler, straight tie


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