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Cookies Policy

The term “cookie” refers to a file that is sent for the purpose of requesting permission to be stored on your computer. If you accept, this file is created and the cookie is then used to store information regarding web traffic, while also facilitating future visits to a frequently used site. Another function of cookies is to allow the site to recognise you individually and therefore provide you with the best personalised service on the site.

Our website uses cookies to identify the pages visited and the visit frequency. This information is only used for statistical analysis and the information is then permanently deleted. You may delete cookies from your computer at any time. However, cookies help to provide a better service for websites. They do not give access to information about your computer or about you, unless you so desire and provide such information directly, visits to a website. You can accept or reject the use of cookies. However, most browsers accept cookies automatically because they are used to create a better web service. You may also change the configuration of your computer to reject cookies. If you reject them, you may not be able to use some of our services.