We are proud to have been part of the history of the European Theatre, Film and Television industry since 1856, and become 21st century tailors.

We are experts in hiring and producing costumes of all periods.

Peris Costumes’ aim is to become a 21st Century Costume House through innovation while maintaining the standards of tradition and quality gained over years since 1856.


Peris Costumes is ready for Brexit

Peris Costumes Group has established a Company in the UK, Peris Costumes UK, in order to minimize Brexit´s impact as much as possible.  For the fast few months we have been working towards the improvement of every service necessary so that the company is prepared for the final implementation of Brexit on January 1st 2021.

Peris Costumes Full Services

The proposal of Peris Costumes is still easy the daily work of the Costume Designer. Therefore, the complete team of 100 professionals takes care of all the necessary steps. Peris Costumes is the only company in the world with the following services: Peris Costumes es la única empresa del mundo de alquiler de vestuario de

Peris Costumes, at the Cabalgata de Reyes in Madrid

All the projects in which we have participated are important, but without a doubt the rides become magical works. This year Peris Costumes has been 100% involved in different horse riding projects all over the country. Madrid, with the help of the costume designer Pepe Corzo and his team, has made this year start being