We are proud to have been part of the history of the European Theatre, Film and Television industry since 1856, and become 21st century tailors.

We are experts in hiring and producing costumes of all periods.

Peris Costumes’ aim is to become a 21st Century Costume House through innovation while maintaining the standards of tradition and quality gained over years since 1856.


#THEHISTORYOFAGARMENT: Materials for the confection

As we explained in the previous post #historiadeunaprenda, in Peris Costumes besides having a large stock, we have all the necessary services to create garments.  The process begins with the selection of materials. It is the figurinist who chooses the fabrics, adornments and complements. In order to facilitate this work we have a great variety

The history of a garment

All the garments we have at Peris Costumes have a story behind them, just like the ones we create in our workshops. Each garment is created with a purpose: to give life to a character. Saioa Lara designed Eneko Sagardoy's wardrobe to bring Miguel Joaquín Eleizegi to life in Handia. In order to find the

What is Peris Collection?

As you all know at Peris Costumes we have acquired over the years quality clothing from all eras. For all productions it is essential to have original pieces, either for use or to copy patterns, styles and fabrics. Therefore, we have enabled a special section called PERIS COLLECTION. Here our clients will find both ladies'