We are proud to have been part of the history of the European Theatre, Film and Television industry since 1856, and become 21st century tailors.

We are experts in hiring and producing costumes of all periods.

Peris Costumes’ aim is to become a 21st Century Costume House through innovation while maintaining the standards of tradition and quality gained over years since 1856.


The Film “Papa o Mama ” and “HIERRO” Second season are the first Spanish productions to start shooting.

The comedy "Papá o Mamá" starring Paco León and Inma Cuesta. begins shooting on June 22nd. Produced by Atresmedia and the Secuoya Group, it will be the first to be shot outdoors with great security measures adapted and a specially developed protocol "Shooting safely after the Covid-19". Peris will serve as the costume designer for

Peris Costumes participates in the charity action “Donate an Artwork” (DONA UN’OPERA)

Dona un'Opera is a charitable action organized in Italy by the world of culture together with the non-profit association Binario 95, which helps people in emergency situations during the months of the Covid19 pandemic and the ASC (Associazione Italiana Scenografi Costumisti). For eighteen  days they have organized an online auction of artworks by renowned Italian

Peris Costumes, signed a new sponsorship agreement with the Spanish Audiovisual Production Professionals Association (APPA)

We are pleased to announce that we have joined, as a sponsor, the APPA (Spanish Audiovisual Production Professionals Association). This association was created in 2008 as an answer to the need of the audiovisual sector. APPA includes professionals from the world of television, cinema and theatre; its objective is to collaborate with all types of