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The JEWEL HOUSE in Madrid, holds an impressive collection of over 20,000 pieces, showcasing jewelry that spans 2000 years of history. Here, visitors can explore a vast array of gold and pearl masterpieces, each reflecting the diverse eras of their creation.”

OUR jewelry collection spans from the archaic simplicity of early adornments to the sophisticated elegance of modern design. It starts with the basic materials and symbolic designs of ancient times, progresses through the opulence of ancient Egypt with its gold and gemstone treasures, and dives into the Middle Ages where religious motifs and feudal symbols dominate.

The Renaissance and Baroque periods bring a renaissance of classical beauty and extravagant ornamentation, while the Victorian era adds a layer of sentimentality with its meaningful motifs. The collection then transitions to the Art Nouveau movement, characterized by its organic lines and naturalistic designs, before culminating in the minimalist and innovative pieces of the modern and contemporary era.

Throughout this journey, each piece in the collection serves as a window into the past, telling stories of human culture, technological advancements, and the ever-changing ideals of beauty. From the symbolic to the ornate, the sentimental to the abstract, this collection offers a comprehensive overview of the rich and varied history of jewelry, showcasing the extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship that define human civilization.

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