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The ’80s were all about making a statement. For women, this meant big hair, bold makeup, and vibrant colors. Shoulder pads were a staple, giving outfits an exaggerated, powerful silhouette. Leggings paired with oversized sweaters or miniskirts became a casual yet trendy choice, while neon colors and spandex shouted the era’s love for aerobics and fitness. Denim jackets and leather biker jackets added a touch of edge, and accessories like chunky jewelry, scrunchies, and fingerless gloves completed the look.

While today’s suits lean towards a more tailored, slim fit, the suits of the 1980s were quite the opposite. The fit was generally looser, allowing for more room through the chest and waist. This relaxed fit complemented the broad shoulder look, contributing to the overall larger-than-life aesthetic of the decade.

The ’80s didn’t shy away from color and patterns when it came to men’s suits. Pinstripes were hugely popular, offering a way to stand out while still appearing professional. Beyond stripes, plaids and checks were also common, as were suits in brighter colors than the traditional navy, gray, and black. Pastels and even neon hues made their way into men’s fashion, reflecting the decade’s love for bold statements.


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