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18th Century

18th Century

18th Century

The 18th-century wardrobe was marked by extravagance and refinement, baroque costumes,reflecting social status and wealth.

This period also saw the introduction of the robe à la française and robe à l’anglaise, which further defined women’s fashion with their distinct back pleats and fitted forms, showcasing the era’s intricate balance between fashion as art and a symbol of social hierarchy.


Women’s attire showcased opulent dresses with wide panniers, tight corsets enhancing the waist, and decolletage gowns adorned with lace and embroidery. Hairstyles were high and adorned with feathers or jewels. Fabrics ranged from silk and brocade to velvet, rich in color and decoration.

Men’s fashion featured long coats, waistcoats, and breeches, with fine silk stockings and heeled shoes. Lace cuffs, cravats, and elaborate wigs emphasized sophistication.

The contrasting colors and the use of luxurious materials underscore the wealth and status of its original owner. The cravat is in a bright, contrasting color, likely silk, which adds a splash of vibrancy to the ensemble. This attire would have been at the height of fashion and a clear display of opulence in its time.

18th-century village women wore practical dresses made of linen, wool, or cotton, often with an apron for work and a bonnet for outdoor protection.

18th-century villagers wore functional, durable clothing. Men donned simple shirts and breeches,. Common fabrics were wool, linen, and cotton in natural colors. Leather shoes, broad-brimmed hats, and minimal accessories like belts and kerchiefs were practical for rural life.


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