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¡Today is a great day for Peris Costumes community!

Yes. Today is a day to celebrate for our Peris Costumes community. Today, we are launching Peris Digital Services to the world.

Peris Digital Services is born with the aim of simplifying, improving and enhancing the audiovisual industry with new capabilities; enabling costume design artists, VFX technicians and producers to create new worlds and unleash all the potential of their creative imagination.

Innovation is natural to the human being and from Peris Costumes we want to contribute to the audiovisual industry offering a new service to facilitate the professionals the achievement of their objectives.

The goal of Peris Digital Services will be to produce extreme-quality digital clothing assets ready to be animated and used in any type of productions, including motion films, series, TV, commercials, videogames and other industries like fashion.

By using the photogrammetry technique, Peris Digital Services will be able to clone a garment or a complete outfit keeping all the materials, textures and colors of the original piece.

Likewise, with photogrammetry, it is possible to craft digital doubles identical to the physical models, allowing the generation of digital mannequins prepared to be printed in 3D. Thus, costume designers will be able to manufacture their creations without the need of having the physical actor or actress at their studios.

With more than seven million garments in stock, Peris Costumes is unbeatable in its physical clothing offering for any type of traditional production; and with the newborn Peris Digital Services, this offering is exponentially complemented with the capabilities of the digital clothing whenever a production requires it.

Additionally, Peris Digital Services not only serves digital clothing assets to the industry; it also means a change in the processes and a change in how the costume designers, producers and postproduction technicians interact among them in the workflow.

We would be delighted to show you in depth all the possibilities Peris Digital Services can offer. For that reason, we have put all the detailed information in our website peris.digital at your disposal.

Also, you can follow our activities in the social media:

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Twitter – https://bit.ly/3mNTpej

Thanks for your support in this new initiative. Always.