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The Film Academy opens the exhibition “Berlanguiano. Luis García Berlanga (1921-2021)

The exhibition presents one of the most significant authors of 20th century Spanish culture, describing a creator of unforgettable stories and characters through his films; his presence at the first film school in Spain, where he studied; photographs of his film shoots; snapshots of the author; scripts; sketches; scripts that never materialized; and audiovisual installations, among other elements.

The exhibition is curated by Esperanza G. Claver and structured in modules that bring together more than 170 photographs from different archives and public and private photographic collections – Regional Archive of the Community of Madrid, Filmoteca Española, Margaret Herrick Library (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science), Agencia EFE, Archivo ABC, Centro Documental de la Memoria Histórica de Salamanca.

The exhibition runs from 9 June to 5 September. It offers a journey that identifies the film career of Luis García Berlanga and, in parallel, moments of Spanish life portrayed by legendary national and international photographers who looked at and interpreted their time and local reality.