Small Axe’, directed by Steve McQueen, is now available on Movistar+.

Small Axe is a project directed by Steve McQueen and produced by  the BBC; consists of 5 chapters , each of them can be considered a film.

This project pure art and cinema. Five films of different lengths (between 60 and 130 minutes) make up this anthology with a common goal: to narrate various experiences of the black community in the United Kingdom (Afro-Caribbean origin) between 1962 and 1989.

Starring, among others, John Boyega (‘Star Wars’ saga) and Letitia Wright (‘Black Panther’).

The following costume designers worked on this project:

-Lisa Duncan (2 episodes, 2020).

– Jacqueline Durran (2 episodes, 2020).

-Sinead Kidao (2 episodes, 2020).

Costumes: Peris Costumes

Trailer :