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Peris Costumes, on TV3

Tot es mou, the morning news magazine on the Catalan public television channel TV3, visited us on the occasion of International Dressmakers’ Day.

Because of the date, October 14th, and as a tribute to this profession, they told the long history of the company and some of its best-known projects.

We leave here the link to the video, where you can find the report from 2:01:20 to 2:09:25 minutes.

In addition to the warehouses, they visited the saddlery, dressmaking, tailoring, tailoring and shoe workshops, while María Ortega, manager of international projects, explained the operation and work process with the costume designers.

We thank TV3 for the report and the vindication of the seamstresses and the other traditional trades that are kept alive in Peris.

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