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Peris Costumes, in the Spanish newspaper El Español

The digital newspaper El Español has echoed the great successes of Peris Costumes in 2022.

In addition to reviewing the history of Peris and the exponential change and growth since the arrival of Javier Toledo, it highlights the size it has reached, the logistical capacity and some of the more than 1000 productions in which our costumes can be seen.

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With Myriam Wais, Peris’ Communications Director, journalist Paloma Garrido explains the company’s international presence and its business model – based on the rental of huge stock or made-to-measure work in the various workshops. She also details Peris’ commitment to innovation and digitalisation, such as the carousel for cataloguing stock or the Peris digital project, which allows video game characters, metaverse, digital extras or stuntmen for special effects to be dressed up.

We are very grateful to Paloma Garrido and El Español for sharing our work with their readers.

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