Nerea Torrijos wins the Goya for Best Costume Design for Akelarre

Nerea Torrijos receives the award very excited wearing a dress designed by herself as a tribute to the main character of Akellarre and made by Peris Costumes.

In the most atypical gala of Spanish cinema, the organisation has had to adapt to the Covid19 circumstances, dispensing with the red carpet and the presence of the 166 nominees.

A remote gala presided over by Antonio Banderas and María Casado.

We are happy to have participated in Akelarre, we thank Nerea for her words of gratitude to Peris and especially to Manuela Tejero.

On  behalf of the whole Peris Costume team we would like to send Nerea our most sincere congratulations and we hope that this is the first award of a long list in her growing professional career.