Big new arrivals to Peris Costumes stock from Warner Bros Studios.

Today we received three huge trucks from the UK full of boxes from Warner Bros Studios. The boxes contain costumes from various eras from the Ancient Ages to the present days.

Our stock is currently one of the largest in Europe. In the warehouses we have costumes and accessories from all periods, a large variety selection that we are constantly updating with new additions.

We want to give the greatest diversity to our costume designers both in quantity and quality.  We want to achieve a follow-up and control of the stock with garments of different periods and a permanent update taking into account the entries and exits of the pieces of each period. this costume that we have acquired belongs to the big productions of Warner with a wide range of categories: historical, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Among the new items arriving today from Warner there are pieces of all kinds, accessories, helmets, footwear, dresses, capes, costumes groups and much more. We are still waiting for more containers arriving this week.

We are convinced that these new additions to our stock today will be shown in new films and series on screen very soon.