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Amazon premieres western series The English

Friday 11 November sees the premiere of Amazon Prime’s new series, The English, a western written and directed by Hugo Blick and produced by BBC Studios and Amazon Studios.

Costume Designer: Phoebe De Gaye

Costumes: Peris Costumes

Englishwoman Cornelia Locke arrives in America in search of the man responsible for her son’s death, and crosses paths with Indian Eli, a survivor of the Frontier. A strong bond develops between the two through the violent and vengeful West.

Phoebe De Gaye selected pieces from Peris Costumes’ stock for the main characters and extras. Our tailoring team made beautiful handmade pieces with the excellence we are used to for the actors in the project, and the saddlery created embroidered leather coats in Estrella’s workshop, of which we are very proud.

Official Amazon Prime Video Trailer