The apprentices of ‘Maestros de la Costura’ reproduced part of the wardrobe of the series ‘Élite’ and ‘La templanza’ in the workshops of Peris Costumes

The TV show  ‘Maestros de la Costura’ filmed one of itsepisodes at Peris.  In the team challenge, the apprentices were introduced to the work of the costume designers.

The teams had the privilege of making a replica of two wonderful dresses from the Spanish series ‘La Templanza’, following the advice of Paco Delgado, the only Spaniard who can boast of having been nominated for an Oscar twice. Here was the long-awaited reunion with the former apprentices, who tried to regain a place in the competition in the repechage. In their case, the challenge consisted of redesigning the uniform of ‘Élite’, one of the most successful Spanish series, with a surprising and novel proposal.

The show’s judges Lorenzo Caprile, Palomo Spain and María Escoté along with the presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva toured and enjoyed discovering our facilities and stock.

Thank you  Maestros de la Costura and Shine Iberia for choosing our headquarters in Algete Madrid for your programme and for giving visibility to our work.