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Sexuel Verfügbar, when truth becomes condemnation

Sexuel Verfúgbar” is a series that has shaken the foundations of television storytelling with its provocative and involving plot. After a one-night stand, August accuses Miki, a former bestselling author and mother of two, of raping him. Now, she faces a 15-year sentence and the possibility of losing custody of her children. Can Ben, her teenage sweetheart and lawyer, help her through this difficult situation?

With an intense narrative and a stellar cast led by Laura Tonke, Merlin Sandmeyer and Florian Stetter, “Sexuel Verfúgbar” has captivated audiences around the world.

Costume designer: Monika Buttinger

Caroline Rosales’ creativity in creating the series has been fundamental to its success.

In addition, “Sexuel Verfúgbar” has been recognized with multiple awards for its courage in tackling controversial issues and its powerful execution. The series has received critical and public acclaim, establishing itself as a landmark in contemporary television.