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A trip back in time through the wardrobe of “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar

The new version of the series The Strange Return of Diana Salazar, which premieres on May 17, presents a renewed vision in terms of the costumes of its protagonists. With an approach that fuses the classic with the contemporary, the series seeks to captivate a new generation of viewers while paying tribute to her legacy.

Produced by Carlos Téllez and starring actors Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli, this reinterpretation of “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar” transports viewers to two distinct periods: the present day and one that dates back between the 17th and 18th centuries. The challenge for costume designer Yvan Foltzer was to create costumes that not only reflect the historical period, but also integrate harmoniously with the contemporary narrative.

With over 50 costumes representing the past, Foltzer has managed to capture the essence of each era through meticulously crafted silhouettes, textiles and details. From elegant gowns to stunning period costumes, each piece tells a story of its own and contributes to character development. Project. At Peris Costumes we have been fortunate to participate with our costumes in this production.

But beyond the eras, the costumes in “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar” reveal subtle details that link the two narrative times. The color yellow, for example, becomes a key element that runs through the plot, while each outfit is designed to reflect each character’s unique personality.

Among the most noteworthy garments is the iconic dress that adorns the portrait of the protagonist, a piece that not only sets the stylistic direction of the series, but also serves as a symbol of the meticulousness and creativity of the behind-the-scenes team.

In short, the costumes of “The Strange Return of Diana Salazar” not only transport us to different eras, but also invite us to reflect on the influence of fashion in the construction of identities and the development of a captivating story.