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Ruth Carter wins Oscar for best costume design for “Black Panther – Wakanda for ever”

The designer has bequeathed iconic contributions to cinema with her work. Carter, who previously won in 2019 for ‘Black Panther’, becomes the first African-American woman to win two Oscars and the first designer to win for both an original film and its sequel.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with her on one of her projects very soon. Her words to young costume designers are inspirational, she encouraged other black women and young designers to continue their excellent work: “…I feel like this win opens the door for young costume designers who may not think this industry is for them and I hope they see me and see my story and think that they can win an Oscar too…”. Carter’s speech after his win sent shivers down the spine of the audience as he made reference to the late film star Chadwick Boseman to take care of his recently deceased mother.

In recent interviews with the press he commented on how challenging the Academy Award-winning costumes were. The costumes had to be visually beautiful and submersible and created with organic materials, feathers and headdresses that would not be damaged by water. The designer and her team created 2100 costumes for the film, which is bursting with creativity and colour.

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