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Premiere on Disney+ of the series Balenciaga: A journey through the designer’s professional career

The long-awaited premiere on Disney+ of the series that portrays the fascinating life of the legendary designer Cristóbal Balenciaga has arrived. From the tailoring workshops of Peris Costumes, we want to share with you all the details about this production that promises to captivate lovers of costumes in audiovisual productions.

The costume designers Bina Daigeler, renowned for her work in “Mulan”, and Pepo Ruiz Dorado, creator of the costumes for “La Templanza”, are behind the costumes that will bring the characters of this unique series to life. In the Peris workshops, we are proud to have contributed to the making of pieces that will stand out in each episode as the skin of the characters.

The plot delves into the key period of fashion from Balenciaga’s first collection in 1937 to his poignant farewell in 1972. Over the course of six episodes, viewers will witness the evolution of the designer and his impact on the world of haute couture.

Actor Alberto San Juan takes on the challenge of playing Balenciaga, lending his talents to capture the essence and genius of the iconic designer. The series, created and written by Lourdes Iglesias in collaboration with the trio of filmmakers Aitor Arregi, Jon Garaño and José Mari Goenaga, directors of the acclaimed ‘La trinchera infinita’, promises an unforgettable experience.

In the Peris workshops, we have worked on the making of key pieces for the protagonists, guaranteeing the authenticity and detail that such a transcendental story deserves. We are proud to be part of this project that celebrates fashion and audiovisual art. We will be publishing details of the work we have done in terms of clothing and stock for the project in the near future.

The premiere of the Balenciaga series is more than just an opportunity to enjoy the talents of big names in the costume and film industry. It is an invitation to immerse yourself in the fascinating story of a visionary who left his mark on the world of fashion. Don’t miss this unique experience on Disney+!

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