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Peris Costumes opens its doors to German TV channel RTL

The journalist Laurien Sophie Weinbrenner of the German TV channel RTL, accompanied by our colleague Mike Siedersleben, has explored the stock rooms that house the essence of all eras at Peris Madrid.

Watch interview here.

RTL, an internationally renowned channel, highlighted the exceptional work carried out at Peris Costumes, the workshops specialising in shoemaking, saddlery, tailoring, dressmaking and jewellery have been the epicentre of creation for countless film productions and television series around the world.

Laurien Sophie Weinbrenner, has captured the magic behind every seam, every detail and every accessory in the Peris workshops. From historical costumes to futuristic creations, Peris Costumes stands as the bastion of costume in the entertainment industry.

Mike Siedersleben, shared his perspective on the creative process that drives each project. From initial design to final tailoring, Siedersleben highlighted the dedication and expertise that characterises the professionals at Peris Costumes.

With this report, Peris Costumes is proud to open its doors to the world, revealing the meticulousness and commitment that define its contribution to the creation of cinematic worlds. We thank Laurien Sophie Weinbrenner and the RTL team for sharing with the public the story behind every costume brought to life on the big and small screen.

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