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Premiere of Las Pelotaris 1926 in Latin America and the U.S.

The Spanish-Mexican co-production premiered on Televisa Univision’s VIX+ platform, produced with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. The premiere date in Spain has yet to be confirmed.

Costume Designer: Bubi Escobar

Created by Marc Cistaré, the series is about the first professional female Basque pelota players, at a time when they have to fight against stereotypes and social norms. Corruption, sport and passion come together in this production set in the 1920s and starring actresses Zuria Vega, Claudia Salas and María de Nati. A story about women who faced the barriers of the male-dominated sports world as well as fighting their own personal battles, and facing various obstacles to enter the business world.

The protagonists wear competition uniforms made in our workshops, street looks with pieces carefully selected from our stock by Bubi and his team. The costumes of the extras belong to the large stock that Peris has from the 1920s, which together with the accessories and pieces from the Jewel House have been essential to dress each of the eight episodes of the series.