Peris Costumes in the exhibition “A History of Fashion, 1940-1970”.

We are proud to have been part of the project “A History of Fashion, 1940-1970”.  Don’t miss this journey through the different fashion environments, from the sewing workshops to the catwalks, including the cinema and the press as a mirror of a society in transformation.

A journey through post-war Spain up to the 1970s, a look at the evolution of fashion and its protagonists, where designers and models, costume designers and actresses, dressmakers, and anonymous people from Madrid all live side by side. Their social habits and stylistic references recovered by Archivo Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid and the Museo del Traje. You can see the exhibition at the Sala Águila in Madrid until 22nd May.

Our special thanks to Esperanza G . Claver, curator of the exhibition, and all her team for counting on us.

An exhibition that lovers of fashion history should not miss.