Netflix premieres the second season of the series Luis Miguel

The second season of the series Luis Miguel has premiered on Netflix.

After three years of waiting, it brings us a more mature Luis Miguel at the peak of success, with health and family problems. The family drama continues, the internal struggles that the singer lived with the mystery of the disappearance of his mother, whom he will continue to search for in this new season, as well as his struggle to recover his younger brother Sergio.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be part of this project. Here are some pictures of some of the pieces we have made for the actor Diego Boneta, star of the series. For the costume fittings the actors Diego Boneta and Lola Casamayor were in Peris Madrid with the costume designer of the series.

Costume Designer: Solange Abreu
Vestuario: Peris Costumes