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Nadie es Perfecto produces the film Locomía

The filming takes place in locations in and around Barcelona and Tenerife. Locomia’ is a film about music, glamour, ambition and betrayal set in the 1980s. A story based on the Spanish group that was born in times of counterculture and was all the rage for its aesthetic excesses in the 90s. The audience will witness the mysteries of club culture, the golden age of record labels, the night of the movida madrileña, and the explosion of Latin music in Miami.

Costume designer: Vinyet Escobar

This project is co-produced by La chica de la curva and SBD Films, with the participation of Atresmedia, Netflix and TV3, and will be distributed in cinemas by DeAPlaneta.

It is a unique story that goes beyond the group’s famous fans, which attracted the attention of David Bowie, who hired them for his Spiderman tour. One of the characteristics that made Locomía a worldwide phenomenon, long before social networks existed, was their original style. The famous fans, which complemented their elaborate costumes, became their symbol.

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