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House of the dragon season 2 arrives in June

With the highly anticipated arrival of the second season of “House of the Dragon,” fans are eager to see how the story will unfold and how the costumes will enhance the narrative. In this new installment, not only does the plot promise to be more intense, but also the pacing will be different, showrunner Ryan Condal told Variety. At Peris Costumes, we are preparing to continue to make magic with our costumes and take viewers through the complexities and drama of Westeros.

Costume Designer Caroline Mc Call

Costumes play a pivotal role in “House of the Dragon” tells the story, conveys the psychology of the characters and the emotional development of each figure in this epic battle for the throne.
With the change in narrative pace also comes new challenges. We anticipate a more dynamic and perhaps darker approach to costumes, reflecting the growing tension and impending conflict. Colors, textures and details will be carefully selected to resonate with the evolving story and emotional states of the characters.