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Get ready for action in September! Zorro Comes to Paramount+ with Jean Dujardin

We are pleased to announce Peris Costumes’ participation in the new Paramount+ series, “Zorro,” starring renowned actor and Oscar winner, Jean Dujardin. In this exciting production, Dujardin plays the iconic masked vigilante, Don Diego de la Vega, who returns to Los Angeles in 1821.

A renewed Zorro for a new era.

Set in a time of great change and challenge, the series shows Don Diego de la Vega assuming the role of mayor of Los Angeles. However, faced with financial problems and local corruption, he soon realizes that his powers as mayor are not enough to combat injustice. He revives his alter ego, Zorro, after 20 years, facing the difficult task of balancing his public life and his secret identity, which complicates his marriage, as his wife is unaware of his double life.

A talented team behind the magic.

The series, created by Benjamin Charbi and Noé Debré, boasts an impressive creative team. Jean-Baptiste Saurel and Emilie Noblet direct all eight episodes, while Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud, known for “The Test,” collaborates as co-writer. The production is a joint effort of Paramount+, France Télévisions, Marc Dujardin’s Le Collectif 64 and Julien Seul’s Bien Sûr Productions.

Alongside Jean Dujardin, the cast includes talented actors such as Audrey Dana, Salvatore Ficarra, André Dussolier, Eric Elmosnino and Grégory Gadebois. We are proud to have contributed our costumes, looks designed by costume designer Charlotte David, to bring this production to life. The costumes were carefully selected to reflect the period, the spirit of the characters and the visual impact of the series.

At Peris Costumes, we are thrilled to be part of this ambitious project that promises to bring back the legendary Zorro story with a fresh perspective. Don’t miss the premiere on Paramount+ and discover how Zorro fights for justice in a world full of challenges and adversity.

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