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Expected premiere! The fourth season of “Sisi” will arrive with intrigue and imperial costumes.

Very soon, fans of historical drama will have an unmissable date with the premiere of the fourth season of “Sisi,” the acclaimed series that has captured the hearts of viewers in 120 countries.

This new season about the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria promises strong emotions and a spectacular wardrobe display.

The series, starring Dominique Devenport and Jannik Schümann as Sisi and Franz, respectively, and directed by Sven Bohse, known for his work on “Dark Woods,” transports us to the elegance and conflicts of the imperial court.

Costume designer: Daiva Petrulyte

In this season, Sisi faces new challenges as she tries to save the family estate of Possenhofen after the death of her father. To do so, she will challenge the best jockey in Bavaria in a thrilling horse race.

But the action is not only on the track. On her return home, Sisi will discover dark family secrets that will lead her to question where she really belongs. This new installment promises to keep us on the edge of our seats and delight us with its careful historical recreation.

At Peris Costumes, we are proud to have helped bring this vibrant world to life with our costume pieces.

Each costume has been meticulously selected to reflect the opulence and authenticity of the era, helping to immerse viewers in the majestic life of Austrian royalty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular production that combines drama, history and an incredible display of fashion – get ready to travel back in time and immerse yourself in the glamour and intrigue of the imperial court with “Sisi”!

Want to see more of our work on the series? Visit our costume gallery and discover how we recreate the magic of the 19th century with our exclusive designs.

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