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Banned in Turkey, just released in Spain: ‘If Only’, new Netflix´s show

Last Friday, October 28th, the production ‘Si lo hubiera sabido’ was released on the popular Netflix platform, after a full of obstacles journey

Costume Designer: Gualter De Sa

Netflix official trailer

Emma, a mother in her thirties who gave up her career to get married and take care of her children, realises that she doesn’t have the life she wanted. That’s when, with the blood moon, she goes back 10 years and seizes the opportunity not to marry her husband. A successful career, adventures and a new lover seem to give her the life she wanted, until the memories of what she has lost shake everything up.

The story was written by Ece Yörenç, a Turkish creator, to be produced like so many series that are now successful in Turkey. However, it was vetoed because one of the main characters was homosexual. As Ece was not willing to give him up, she decided to take her work to Spain. She managed to adapt it, together with Irma Correa, with Netflix Spain, where it is among the most watched series this weekend.

It is directed by Liliana Bocanegra and Alejandro Bazzano, and the cast includes Megan Montaner, Miquel Fernández and Michel Noher for the main characters. Gualter de Sa, the costume designer, has worked with us and we are very happy with this production.