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TOGETHER: The Strength of Academy-Peris Union

Academy Costumes Joins The Peris Group

Academy Costumes, the well-respected London costume hire and making company has joined the international collection of celebrated costume companies carefully curated by the Peris Costumes Group.

The partnership brings massive benefits to the UK film and tv production industry as Academy Costumes can widen its doors and offer clients direct access to Peris’s vast inventory of twelve million high-quality garments covering every historical period from the Ancient World through to today’s Contemporary and Designer pieces. The size of the inventory actively promotes sustainability coupling quality with the quantity to meet all production needs.

Commenting on joining the Peris Group and developing the Academy brand founder and owner Adrian Gwillym says, “We have always made for any historical period but our hire stock has always been heavily focused on the 20th century which naturally hindered Academy working on many productions set in a different time period. With Academy joining the Peris Group and network all our clients will benefit. They will still be working with the Academy they’ve always known but now we can deliver costumes of all time periods as well as giving an incredible depth to our making services.”

“When I first visited Peris I was blown away by the quality and sheer scale of their stock but equally impressive is their ateliers making custom pieces at the highest quality and speed combine traditional techniques with modern manufacturing technology. When I started Academy in 1984 my goal dream was to create the best making workshop in the world and now the partnership with Peris finally makes my dream come true….oh, did I say they also make shoes?”

In response, Javier Toledo, owner of Peris Group stated, ” I am delighted with Academy joining the group and network. From the moment I met Adrian there was an instant rapport. I have always had a deep respect for the history of Peris and I wanted to build on the roots laid down in 1856 and develop a costume hire service that respected tradition but catered for the demands of 21st century film and tv production.”

“With that in mind I have built a global network spanning 22 countries and the Peris philosophy in every country is for each of our partners to maintain their own identity and Peris helps to develop their individual brands.”

Toledo continues, “currently the group has just over twelve million garments and we’re constantly adding to it to maintain it’s quality and relevance to any period of history. My goal has always been to stand out for our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, making it a go-to resource for costume designers worldwide.”

“We’re looking forward to the opening of our London warehouse but in the mean- time we are bridging the gap between London, Madrid and the network. We’re using the benefits of today’s technology to virtually bring you closer to Madrid and the networks vast collection coupled with our own delivery system. At the same time we’re extending our program of inviting everyone as our guest to visit the heart of our collection in Madrid. Working together we can face today’s production requirements.”

Discover our facilities. Together Academy and Peris, we want to give the best of us.

Academy Costumes

Adrian Gwillym, Academy Costumes.
Andrew Allen. Academy Costumes.
Braveheart (1995), Macbeth (2015), Legend (2015), The Boys in the Boat (2023), Robin Hood (2010) and Les Miserables (2012).

Peris Costumes Madrid

Madrid Headquarter 22 warehouses. 30.000 square metres.
Javier Toledo. Owner of Peris.
Napoleon (2023), Poor Things (2023), Mary and George (2024), La Sociedad de la nieve (2023), Cristóbal Balenciaga (2024), Asteroid City (2023) and Wheel of Time (2023).