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This is how we made the uniforms for the film Napoleon

The film Napoleon was a big job for our uniform experts. For this impressive production we rented more than 3500 complete sets of uniforms complete with boots, hats and helmets. Of this number, more than 2,800 were made especially for the film.

We made uniforms for the different armies:

  • French
  • Prussian
  • Austrian
  • Russian

Each piece of clothing has been specially customized by period, in order to be able to show the change of the uniformity in time.

To manufacture such a quantity of period uniforms, more than 15000 meters of wool of different colors were used, which were produced especially for this project. More than 90,000 buttons were used to finish the uniforms. More than 60 sets with handmade embroidery were produced to recreate the elegant uniforms of generals and marshals of this period.

An impressive job in which we had the invaluable experience of our uniform specialists from the Peris Costumes headquarters in Poznán, Hero Collection.

Below you will find some photos of the uniforms rented for the movie Napoleon.