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The writers’ strike in Hollywood came to an end

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) reached an agreement last Wednesday that lifted the restraining order and ended the strike that had already lasted 148 days.

The WGA has published a summary of the progress that this agreement includes, such as the remuneration of different jobs, new requirements on minimum staffing levels in television writers’ rooms, improvements in terms of payment for film writers and, of course, on the point of greatest controversy: the control of the use of artificial intelligence in the writing process.

The interpreters’ strike called by SAG-AFTRA 75 days ago does continue, although there are indications of a possible agreement in the coming days that will allow it to be called off.

The Hollywood industry is expected to get underway and at full capacity in January, since it is difficult for stopped projects to start between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Despite the strike, which inevitably has a global impact due to the number of North American productions filmed outside the country, at Peris Costumes we have been busier than usual during these times thanks to all the Costume Designers with European projects who have continued counting on us.