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The saddlery workshop at Peris Costumes.

Our saddlery team, led by Estrella Caballero, is asked for all kinds of leather work for productions in different parts of the world.

The specialists of the leather workshop create in an artisan way and working by hand: breastplates, helmets, masks, doublets, corsets, wristbands, belts, and special pieces at the request of the costume designers.

Using different techniques, they provide solutions to the requirements of the costume teams for films and series, advising the costume designers to select the best leather and finishes that will make the pieces look their best.

Our craftsmen have created pieces for such well known titles as “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”, “The Plague”, “The Warrior Nun”, “The Sister Brothers”, “Malefica”, “Still Star Crossed”, “Aquellarre”, “Sordo” and many more.