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The art of historical tailoring: Peris Costumes dresses the Oscar-nominated Napoleon film

This project is not only a testament to the technical prowess of Peris Costumes, but also to our commitment to turning cinematic vision into reality. The film, which features leading costume designers Janty Yates and David Crossman, has been recognized with an Oscar nomination, further cementing its impact on film history on this occasion alongside celebrated director Ridley Scott.

In a thrilling display of craftsmanship, Peris Costumes’ specialized uniform making team immersed themselves in history to create the stunning costumes for the epic film about Napoleon. More than 10 experts from our uniform department worked tirelessly, collaborating with more than 80 people from the production team at our headquarters in Poznan (Poland), including seamstresses, tailors and various craftsmen.

The magnitude of the production is reflected in the staggering figure of 3500 complete sets of rented uniforms, of which more than 2300 were meticulously manufactured exclusively for this film. A journey through military history, we made uniforms for the French, Prussian, Austrian and Russian armies. Attention to detail was key, customizing each uniform according to its period to capture the evolution over time.

Production demanded more than 13,500 meters of specially dyed wool in a range of colors, adding authenticity to each garment. The finishing touch was no less impressive, with more than 90,000 buttons used in the finishing of these magnificent outfits. In addition, more than 60 outfits were adorned with handmade embroidery, accurately recreating the elegant uniforms of generals and marshals of the era.

We share with you some images of this impressive craftsmanship where our team has been involved to achieve a magnificent result that looks great on screen in the different scenes.

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