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Te estoy amando locamente” (I’m loving you madly) arrives in theatres in July

Alejandro Marín’s film, starring Ana Wagener and Omar Banana alongside Alba Flores, Carmen Orellana, La Dani, Lola Buzón, Alex de la Croix, Jesús Carroza, Mari Paz Sayago, Manuel Morón and Pepa Gracia, arrives in cinemas on 7 July.

Framed in the 1977 Andalusian LGTBI movement.

Costume designer: Isis Velasco

It portrays the gay mother-son relationship in different stages: estrangement, incomprehension, fierce attachment, flight, the breaking down of barriers and reunion.
This is ESCAC’s new debut feature, produced by Escándalo Films, Escac Estudio, Zeta Cinema, Zeta Audiovisual, La Pepa Films and Te estoy amando AIE, with the participation of RTVE, Movistar Plus+, Netflix, Canal Sur Radio y Televisión and Crea SGR, with the support of the ICAA and ICEC-Department of Culture and financing from ICO, Mogambo and Triodos Bank.