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Rai announces the premiere of the miniseries MAMELI, il ragazzo che sognò l’Italia.

We are pleased to announce the premiere of the series MAMELI, il ragazzo che sognò l’Italia on Rai1, a production that promises to captivate lovers of history and period costumes.

Costume designer Roberto Chiocchi, responsible for the costume design of this miniseries, transports the viewer back to the days of the Risorgimento: Mameli, the young poet and patriot, whose “Canto degli italiani” resounds in the hearts of his people, is now immortalised on the small screen. The authenticity of the wardrobe, both in its rental and in its tailoring, has been possible thanks to the collaboration of all the technical teams of Peris Costumes in this work where the costume designer proposed a very special palette of colours.

Roberto worked hand in hand with Juan Padilla, leader of the dyeing and setting workshop at Peris, to achieve a result as required by the costumes, which on some occasions are reminiscent of period paintings.

For the costumes our team advised Roberto in the selection of fabrics, patterns, selection of accessories and period complements.

Our workshops made all kinds of pieces to immerse the audience in 19th century Italy.

Tailoring: we made 80 pieces including frock coats, waistcoats and trousers.

Dressmaking: 40 day dresses and 30 evening dresses were made.

Hats: 40 19th century style women’s hats and skullcaps were made in our workshop specialising in period hats.

Footwear: our shoe factory did a magnificent job making different types of men’s and women’s footwear in leathers of a colourful match to the costumes, a total of 100 pairs.