Peris Costumes is present at the television premieres for 2021

In 2021 fiction premieres arrive on TV and the series that have worked best last year return.

You can see our costumes in:.



-Dos Vidas: costume designer Tania Álvarez. A series set in today’s Spain and the colony of Equatorial Guinea.

– Ana Tramel: costume designer Cristina Rodríguez.  The adaptation of Roberto Santiago’s novel.

-La Caza Tramuntana: costume designer Montse Sancho. A thriller produced by DLO


Coming back:

-Estoy vivo: Costume Designer Cristina González

-Cuentame: Costume Designer Nacho del Can

-Hit: Costume Designer Cristina Rodríguez




-Alba: Costume Designer Montse Sancho. Starring Elena Rivera.

-Debts: Costume Designer Paola Torres. The new comedy created by Daniel Ecija


Coming back:

-Los hombres de Paco: Costume designer Elena la Hera. The mythical series with Pepón Nieto, Hugo Silva and Michelle Jenner.