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Peris Costumes and the digitization of costumes

The Digital Collection of Peris Costumes represents an innovative step in the preservation and exhibition of the heritage of fashion and costume design.

At Peris Costumes, a meticulous process of digitizing our best outfits is underway, an initiative that not only preserves the richness and detail of each garment but also makes it accessible to a global audience through its collection and digital museum. This project allows fashion enthusiasts, historians, designers, and the general public to explore centuries of clothing, from historical costumes to contemporary creations, with just a few clicks.

Digitization includes detailed documentation of the texture, color, and design of each costume, offering an immersive experience that was previously only possible through direct observation of the physical garments. The Digital Collection of Peris Costumes is not only poised as an immensely valuable educational tool but also as an inspiring resource for current and future fashion designers and creators, providing a vast archive of styles, techniques, and materials that span diverse epochs and cultures.

This effort to digitize and share its collection underscores Peris Costumes’ commitment to preserving the history of costume and adapting to new technologies for the dissemination of knowledge and artistic inspiration.