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Netflix announces Mano de Hierro series premiere

The eagerly awaited series Iron Hand arrives on Netflix on 15 March. There will be no shortage of action and high intensity emotions during its 6 episodes.

The mix of business and family can bring strong emotions as Eduard Fernández’s character says in the preview of Mano de hierro. The story focuses on Joaquín Manchado, a guy who rules his drug emporium with an iron fist from the port of Barcelona. In this family, betrayal is paid for in blood.

A great clan with lights and shadows where balance and family peace are at stake. A story with no shortage of intrigue, secrets and revenge.

Costume designer: Ainhoa Viciano

With Eduard Fernández, Chino Darín (El Reino), Jaime Lorente (La casa de papel), Natalia de Molina (Fácil), Sergi López (Mediterráneo), Ana Torrent and Enric Auquer (Sky Rojo).

Produced by The Mediapro Studio, it features Laura Fernández Espeso, Lluís Quílez, Javier Pons and Juan Miguel Hernández.