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“La sociedad de la nieve” the new film by Juan Antonio Bayona

Juan Antonio Bayona, one of our most international directors, is preparing to release his fifth film as a director. The new film for Netflix is expected to arrive at the end of 2023.

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for ‘The Snow Society’ ahead of the Venice Film Festival.

Costume designer: Julio Suárez

As announced, the film will be shown in theatres in Spain before making its way to the Netflix catalogue.

The director adapts the novel by Pablo Vierci, which tells one of the stories that attracted most attention in the 20th century. The plane crash suffered by the members of a rugby team and other passengers on Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. The accident took place in 1972, in the Andes, at an altitude of four thousand metres, at thirty degrees below zero, without shelter or food and during 72 hard days of survival.