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The film Irati opens in cinemas

The film Irati, directed by Paul Urkijo and shot in Basque, was released on Friday 24 February. Set in the early medieval period of the Arab and Frankish invasions, the film delves into the rich Basque mythology, being a mixture of several genres: adventure, history and horror.

In another entry, we made a recount of the awards it had received at various festivals, as well as its numerous nominations for the 2023 Goya Awards. In addition, we remember the visit of the costume designer Nerea Torrijos to Peris Digital, where several of her costumes that were handmade in the workshops of Peris Costumes were digitized.

As a thank you to the Peris Costumes team, Nerea invited her workers to a preview screening at a cinema in Madrid, where all those who attended were able to enjoy the film. It has been a pleasure to work with Nerea for this ambitious project in Spanish cinema.

Official trailer for irati

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