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Great attraction for international filming in Spain

Spain continues to be one of the most attractive countries for international filming in recent years.

In the last five years alone, Spain has hosted a total of 256 international films, with an average investment of approximately 2.6 million euros per project.

Among many others, the following films have been shot in Spain:

-‘Asteroid City’ (Chinchón).

-‘Uncharted’ (Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona y Madrid)

– ‘The Midnight Sky’ (Islas Canarias)

The series ‘The Crown’ (Tabernas Desert and Algeciras), ‘House of the Dragon’ (Cáceres and Trujillo) or ‘Foundation’ (Canary Islands) have chosen Spain for their filming. Costumes by Peris Costumes have been used in all of them.

Another of the incentives that make Spain a competitive country for attracting filming is the structure of its autonomous regions, some of which are able to offer incentives above 30% nationally.