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Exploring the Fashion of the 20’s with Bubi Escobar in ‘Las Pelotaris 1926’

Attention, costume designers and costume design lovers! SkyShowtime premiered ‘Las Pelotaris 1926’, a series that transports us to the vibrant world of Basque pelota in the 1920’s. This production by The Mediapro Studio and TelevisaUnivision not only stands out for its exciting plot, but also for its spectacular costumes, designed by Bubi Escobar.

Bubi, known for her ability to recreate eras with authenticity and style, immerses us in the fashion of the Roaring Twenties with a touch of sophistication and detail that will capture the attention of any costume designer. From the elegance of actresses Claudia Salas, Maria de Nati and Zuria Vega, to the essence of the stages of Spain and Mexico, each garment tells a story and reflects the cultural richness of the era.

Bubi has worked with us several times, we remember the work and detail of the series El Ministerio del Tiempo that has left us so many satisfactions. This time it is a story of independent women, ahead of their time, centered around three pioneers who stood up to a male-dominated society and laid the foundations of women’s sports.

Don’t miss this opportunity for inspiration and learning! Dive into ‘Las Pelotaris 1926’ and discover how Bubi Escobar brings an era to life through her costume design work.

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