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The village clothes invade our warehouses

Our constant aim continues to be to facilitate the work to the figurines and to increase the quality (and not only the quantity) of our stock.

Our workshops have not stopped working throughout the year and all our team is dedicated daily to achieve these goals.

One of our latest projects has been the composition of a wide range of village garments between 1650 and 1750 composed of skirts, blouses, aprons, petticoats, bodies, trousers, jackets, vests … During the research we have moved our moodboard a few centuries ago, selected the most appropriate fabrics and silhouettes, working on color ranges and various processes of setting to give the newly made garments the necessary allure of the small and large screen.

It has been a long and extremely rewarding process. The results have been magnificent and are now at your disposal in our facilities hoping that soon many characters can give them life.