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The Night Watchman

impalaMiguel Angel Jimenez is the «father» of the film «The night watchman» who just finished filming because, in addition to directing, he has also written the script with Luis Moya. The film tells the story of ex-con Jack Mainfield (Matt Horan) and Alma (Kimberley Tell), a couple who are reunited after six years of separation. «It’s a horror film components, but the main story on which the whole plot revolves is the recovery of the family,» says the director.

The team of «The Night Watchman», found at the premises of Hunosa (Asturias) the perfect place to put images to the script. «We wanted this, this hardness Watershed, because reminiscent of Kentucky,» Jimenez said. The story was filmed in the vicinity of the wells and the interior. An old mine shaft Montsacro school became a house. The sheriff’s car for days guarded the ancient costumes of Morcín well. They left the scenes inside the mine for the last days and filmed at night. They were accompanied at all times by personnel of the coal ..

The night watchman ‘is produced by Impala, and co-produced through the broadcasting rights for Spanish Television. The distribution will be carried out by Warner Bros International.

We have served the costumes of this production to the costume designer Marta Alvarez.