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The history of a garment

All the garments we have at Peris Costumes have a story behind them, just like the ones we create in our workshops. Each garment is created with a purpose: to give life to a character.

Saioa Lara designed Eneko Sagardoy’s wardrobe to bring Miguel Joaquín Eleizegi to life in Handia.

In order to find the perfect piece, at Peris, we have the best professionals in the sector.

Sometimes it is the figureheads themselves who create the specific wardrobe for their actors, but at other times it is our team who designs the wardrobe in order to increase our stock.

Each one of the pieces we create goes through different processes, all equally important. That’s why we want to dedicate a # learning story to each one of them.

Very soon you will be able to see:

  • How do we dye a fabric?
  • The origin of our fabrics and their variety
  • Pattern making and tailoring
  • Stitch by stitch
  • Actor testing
  • Leather workshop. A coleto step by step
  • Shoe Factory