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Peris Costumes, at the Cabalgata de Reyes in Madrid

All the projects in which we have participated are important, but without a doubt the rides become magical works.

This year Peris Costumes has been 100% involved in different horse riding projects all over the country.

Madrid, with the help of the costume designer Pepe Corzo and his team, has made this year start being very successful.

We are very proud of the work done by all our team during these months.

Peris Costumes has made the costumes of Their Majesties, retinue and divine proportion.

All our workshops have worked in the process to create all the costumes.

Craftsmanship has taken on all the importance in the costumes of divine proportion. It has taken many hours of expert hands and the result has been a success.

Pepe Corzo: «We are super happy. Everything has been incredible». In addition to putting magic to the Kings of Madrid, Peris has participated in rides from other areas of the capital as San Blas, Fuente del Fresno, Barajas, Torrelodones, Fuencarral, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Pozuelo, Tetuan, La Fortuna Moncloa …; Toledo, Zamora and Malaga.

We hope to return next year with much more magic!