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New price adjustments in the rental contemporary costumes

As you know in Peris Costumes we have a specific 2,000m2 warehouse destined for the contemporary costumes with more than 400,000 pieces, including garments and accessories.

Our warehouse is equiped with everything a costume designer needs. We have romos for the team to work in and an expert team in contemporary clothing.

Two of our employees, Marta Cariño and Itziar Martínez, responsible for projects and warehouse, respectively, tell us firsthand all the updates.

Why come to Peris when making a series?

Right now we are the costume house that has the largest space dedicated to contemporary costumes, and this due to of the high demand of these costumes needed by productions. To give you an idea, only since January we have participated in more than 90 contemporary productions and almost every week we start a new project. Given the volume and having studied all the needs of customers, we realized that these productions needed a different approach. Why? Because at this time the budgets are tight and with our prices, between 12€ and 15€ per garment, the whole production can be covered.

To this, we add 10% of accessories free to complement the looks without an economic effort.

Our goal is to help projects come out and that is why we believe that the best way to work is to adapt to new budgets and the needs they bring.

What is your way of working?

We work based on what the costume designers needs, whether it only concerns the rental of clothing or making a rental and purchase agreement.

What does this agreement mean?

This agreement allows you to rent the necessary garments from our stock and to buy another part stores. Wheter it´s purchased by the costume designer according to their criteria or by us according to the guidelines received.

This way, within the total budget, one part would be for rental and another for purchases.

By also, having our own shoe, clothing, leather workshops … we offer the possibility of manufacturing ourselves the production´s needs.

What benefits does working in Peris have?

Many. You can access all kinds of clothes of all styles in the same place, we have individual work rooms for each client that we offer with no additional cost during the entire preparation. These romos can be used for fittings in them you can perform the tests of both in costumes and makeup and hairdressing; We also have spaces available for management or production in case they are needed.

We also have a warehouse team specialized in comtemporary costumes, which will be at your disposal throughout the preparation.

What if, once the clothes have been selected, new episodes are writen?

There is no problem, we count on it. In most cases, when we close the agreement, nota ll the episodes have been writen, so we offer the possibility of rotating the garments according to the needs. For this we agreed on changes a fee and thus we manage to cover possible unforeseen script.


How do you work in case of doing a second season and having characters with racord?

From Peris, we know the possibilities of renewing for following seasons, so we offer the possibility of keeping the garments separate, both for future seasons and for future releases that cannot be shown or for specific needs.

In any case, we keep the garments in embargo so that they cannot be used until the client says so.

What if I have specialists?

No problem, we have double and triple pieces to solve these cases and, if we do not have them at the moment, we take care of buying them for production on a rental basis, so their Budget is not affected.

So, can you meet the same needs as if everything was bought?

Indeed. In fact, it is much more benefecial to do it through Peris, since, with our prices, you can take between two and three times more costumes than you could buy in the store and can also be exchanged by new stuff when they are no longer needed.

How often do you renew your stock?

Weekly! We have an annual budget destined for contemporary costumes. This way, every week expand the variety of pieces according to the demand we have, so that every time you come, the clothes are different and you can always opt for all the options.

Apart from clothes, what else do you have?

We have all kinds of civil and military uniforms, which include occupations, such as doctors, waiters, workers, hotel staff, prison guards, pilots, hostesses …

We are specialized and constantly investing in military and pólice uniforms. We offer both national and international uniforms, and if we don´t have them, we find them in less tan a week.

We also have all kinds of religious clothing and etiquette such as tuxedos and jackets.

And, recently, we have incorporated a new line called Peris Collection, which has special pieces and brands.

With this new addition, we can dress all the characters, whateverthese may be. Moreover, we allow the costume designer to create looks with these special pieces, since the rental price is 80% lower than the purchase price.

What productions have you participated in?

Peris has participated in a multitude of totally different productions, all of them with contemporary costumes: La Casa de Papel, Rambo V, Estoy Vivo, Madres, Malaka, Las ventajas de viajar en tren, Nasdrovia, Mallorca Files, BlackBeach, Warrior Nuns, Peacemaker, Agent Makey, 30 Monedas, La Unidad…