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La Xirgu, l’actriu

margarita xirgu

Xirgu, l’ Jove actriu, Distinto Films production in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya and Televisión de Galicia, and directed by Silvia Quer. The costume designer Anna Pons is dealing of costume design and has attended Peris Costumes Co for this work.
1927 missing a few hours so Margarita Xirgu Debuts «Mariana Pineda», of unknown Federico García Lorca. Authorities threaten to prison or exile if you represent this libertarian work. But it seems that nothing shall desist Margarita until first his friend and mentor Valle Inclán, and then the same Federico, give an ultimatum: or they, or the premiere.
La Xirgu, l’ Jove actriu,will be shot in three weeks–the first location was the Teatre Municipal de Girona – and probably will be in the programming of Televisió de Catalunya for the next season, although there is no certain date.