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Jewel House, first year in Peris Costumes

365 days have passed since the large truck from Rome arrived at our facilities in Peris Costumes Madrid.

The world’s largest jewellery rental company, JEWEL HOUSE, joined the Peris Costumes group to complete the offer our company offers its customers.

Of course, during all these months, Peris has invested in new original pieces. At the moment we have a stock of more than one million pieces from all eras.

Thanks to the quantity and quality of our pieces, productions such as «The Crown«, «Catherine the Great«, «The Spanish Princes«, «The New Pope» and «Emily en Paris«, have chosen Jewel House to complete the wardrobe of their actors.


We are proud to have participated in more than 70 totally different projects, renting some 8,000 pieces in just one year.

Marylin Fitoussi en Jewel House preparando "Emily in Paris"

Marylin Fitoussi at Jewel House working for «Emily in Paris».

Eudald Magrit selecting pieces for «White Lines»